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RECHEO Health Foundation is a young nongovernment organization (NGO) incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Corporation in the year 2020. The NGO's registered office is at 22, Ibrahim Onashokun Street, Ifako Gbagada, Lagos State and was founded by Mrs. Regina Okogwu to fulfil her heart desire of impacting humanity positively, as a service to God almighty. RECHEO Health Foundation's main purpose or objective is to provide medical support and assistance to children with eye sight challenges and for elderly living with high blood pressure and diabetes. The NGO is also interested in organizing trainings, workshops and seminars that will provide necessary sensitization to the public on the selected health concerns. The idea is to make people more aware and therefore put them in a position support for themselves or others within their influence. Other areas of interest for RECHEO Health Foundation includes: • To establish an effective working system to enable the children live an easier life. • To respond to the needs of guardians currently unable to carter for their visuality impaired child • To sensitize people on the challenges faced by being visually impaired so as to minimize any discrimination and violence aimed at them. • To educate parents and caregivers on how to properly carter for a visually impaired child and guide them into leading a normal life. • Delivering financial support, basic healthcare services, and periodic social gatherings, for the vulnerable, isolated and impoverish populace. Sensitization of the public against all forms of elderly discrimination and abuse Creating a working relationship with other organizations with similar objectives to show support towards each both financially and otherwise The trustees of RECHEO Health Foundation are the founders, Mrs. Regina Okogwu as Chairperson and Engr. Chukwuemeka Okogwu, member and secretary. The operation activities of RECHEO are coordinated through adhoc social workers and volunteers as may be required for each function. As a health focused NGO with a professional outlook, RECHEO's outreaches and support is to be anchored by professionals and hospital as partners.


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Mrs Gina Emeka Okogwu.

RECHEO HEALTH FOUNDATION is a non governmental organisation (Caregiver) founded by Mrs Gina Emeka Okogwu with special focus on the health of aged adults and children with eye sight challenges.. Mrs Gina Emeka Okogwu is a woman who fears the Lord and has a heart of gold. RECHEO's journey started when Mrs Okogwu was growing up as a young girl,then she found out that she had great desire to love and care for people but she never understood or knew the exact area of her calling. She discovered she has special love for children and aged mothers. When she got married, she noticed that the passion for children and that of aged parents developed stronger. Gina, as she is fondly called knew she was a voice, but still doubted the areas of her calling. It was the closeness to God by prayers and the spiritual growth she developed over the years through Bible School programs (Foursquare Bible school and Christ International College of Ministration of Livingspring Church) that opened her knowledge of what she was carrying. In addition, having passed through health challenges herself, she understood what it means to be down with one sickness or the other. All these experiences made her understand clearly what God wants her to do. The strong feelings for the calling came again in the year 2019, she knew she had something that could be an avenue to help humanity and also win souls for Christ.In the year 2020, she registered RECHEO Health foundation with the CAC as an NGO. She is a member of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) under his Lordship, Bishop Mike Okonkwo (MFR) .

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